Steaven Jones Development Co., Inc.

Steaven Jones Development Company offers real estate development services to institutional, educational and corporate clients. Development services include:

  • Turnkey Build-to-Suit Facilities
  • Project Financing
  • Development Management
  • Construction Management
  • Asset Management

Turnkey Build-to-Suit Facilities

SJDC offers complete turnkey delivery of facilities to our clients. Facilities are designed and constructed to our clients’ specifications and timeframes. We develop facilities on a sale or leaseback basis with a program and budget approved by all parties upfront. We supervise master planning, selection of project consultants and contractors, design, budgeting, construction and project completion. We also arrange for project financing, using creative financial structures which enable the project to be funded without initial large capital commitments from the client.

Project Financing
SJDC provides creative financing solutions to fund the acquisition, renovation, development and/or refinancing of its clients projects. SJDC has expertise in tax-exempt bond financing and facilities financing for educational and other institutions. SJDC works closely with property owners, school boards and school administrators in devising and executing facilities financing strategies that accommodate its clients’ short term needs and long term goals. In many instances, the best solution involves more than one step, and SJDC assists clients in understanding all available options, thereby enabling the selection of the most cost effective solution.

Development Management
SJDC orchestrates all of the technical aspects associated with the creation of architectural design, the production of construction documents, the processing of plans and the coordination of the entire development process. We perform these activities in build-to-suit situations, third-party fee developments and partial or complete redevelopment projects for both owners and tenants.

Construction Management
SJDC manages the entire construction process form start to finish for new building developments, renovation projects and related interior improvements. We coordinate the activities of architects, engineers and other consultants. We oversee the processing of permits, coordinate construction loan draws, and perform on-going administrative and reporting functions.

Asset Management
SJDC advises clients on asset management strategies. In addition, SJDC often manages the day-to-day decisions related to the properties on a contractual basis, overseeing property management and operations.

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Steaven Jones Development Co., Inc.

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