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A Unique Combination of Open-Architecture Funds and Exclusive Proprietary Boutiques

Managers Investment Group (MIG) offers long-term investment strategies through a unique platform that includes:

  • A family of funds and separate accounts managed by a selection of Affiliated Managers Group's (AMG) Affiliate investment boutiques
  • A complementary series of open-architecture mutual funds

This combination of investment products allows us to serve the needs of large institutional investors, thousands of financial advisors and investment professionals, as well as our individual mutual fund shareholders. Throughout our history, our objective has remained the same: develop and deliver investment strategies that can improve our clients' ability to meet their long-term investment goals.

Access to Proprietary Investment Boutiques

Our investment platform offers a sizeable number of mutual funds and separate account strategies managed by a powerful collection of AMG's boutique investment organizations. These asset-class or strategy-specific investment disciplines, many of which are only available through MIG, are used as building blocks to create diversified investment portfolios.


Our Open Architecture Mutual Funds

Our research and investment team is responsible for designing our "manager-of-managers" open-architecture mutual fund family. They conduct rigorous manager research to find what we believe to be the best investment firm(s) available to make the day-to-day investment decisions for the fund, then conduct ongoing portfolio monitoring and manager due diligence to ensure that this remains the case.

As is the case with our affiliate-managed mutual funds, this family of funds is asset-class specific, invests in distinct investment styles such as global bonds or short-duration U.S. Government securities and is designed to be used as building-block components to customize an investment solution for each investor.


Individual Excellence Leads to Collective Strength: ManagersChoice

Our investment team also designs complete investment programs using our substantial platform. Many advisors take advantage of ManagersChoice – our exclusive turnkey, globally diversified asset-allocation investment solution – for their clients. Dating back to 1994, ManagersChoice is available in three series of models – capital appreciation, tax aware and income. These easy-to-use solutions allow investors to match their unique investment objectives with a comprehensive investment program and for advisors to focus more of their time on serving their clients and building their asset management business.


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Managers Investment Group LLC

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